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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if my power is out, or I need an update on a power outage?​

 Please call Fortis Alberta at 310-WIRE

How do I know if I am a member, or need to update my agreement?

Please contact us at, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will help you out.

Why is the REA considered a cooperative?

The REA is a jointly owned, not for profit enterprise that is democratically controlled by it's members. Every member/owner has one vote to elect representatives to operate the REA. Members enjoy the economic benefits of a not for profit. Surplus funds are reinvested to upgrade and maintain infrastructure and keep reasonable rates. 

How does and REA cooperative differ from a investor owned utility?

REA Cooperative                                                                                                         


Not For Profit                                                                           

Locally owned by members in the community                        


Reinvests surplus to benefit members in the community       


Exists to serve a need in the community                                                                                                                                                      

Democratically run - each member has one vote                  

How do I know how much power my appliance/device uses?

Here is an example to figure out power consumption:

Electric Heater that is rated 2000 watts, used 8hrs a day

2000 watts x 8 hrs/day = 16,000 watts

16,000 watts/1000 = 16 kilowatts

16kilowatts x 0.08/kw = $1.28/day

$1.28/day x 30 days = $38.40/month

(calculation is for power only + service charges)

What Retailer's can I use ?

We currently have Retail Service Agreements with:


Alberta Energy Savings LP

AltaGas Energy Limited Partnership

ATCO Energy Ltd. 

Campus Energy

Direct Energy

Encor by Epcor 

Enmax Commercial Energy Marketing Inc.

Enmax Energy Corporation


Epcor Merchant and Capital LP

Fluent Utilities

Hudson Energy Canada

Just Energy

Link Energy

TransAlta Energy Marketing Corp.

Utility Network


**Please note: Encor by Epcor you must call Contact Centre, they are currently unable to

                        accept online applications.

Investor Owned Utility                                                                                                       

For Profit

​Owned by shareholders around the world

Pays surplus out as dividends to shareholders

Exists to provide product/service that creates a return for shareholders

Shareholders may have more than one vote

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